New territory dating for him... what to do?

I asked my nieces softball coach for a drink, we flirted all day i asked him. I know there is a connection. when our night was over i asked if he wanted to do this again, he said somthing along these lines "yea id like to but this is all new territory for me I've never dated a players family member before and i like to keep my private life private." i agreed, he's a hs softball coach by the way. at the end of the night we did not exchange numbers and i have not seen him since and it's been a week since i saw him. i would like to see him again. my question should i ask him out again or wait for him to ask me????
i should have mentioned in the original post that on the night of our "date" the entire team knew where he was going, my nieces friend read her texts btwn us and they asked him "where you going" he was a little taken abackt. te day i did ask him for drinks it was brought to my attention by niece and her friends that he kept making excuses to talk to me and went out of his way to talk to me. im just trying to feel it out and figure out what my next step should be. any advise helps :)


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  • How many more years will your niece be playing for him?

    • 1yr.

    • It sounds to me like there was a connection... I would give it one more try and see what happens. Ask him out to a very casual event.

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  • He didn't seem too interested. Sounds like an excuse.


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  • Doesn't sound like he's to interested to me


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