How do get casual s3x pleaes help?

Despite my efforts i have never been able to find a girl to sleep with i am almost 20 and would like to know how i do go about finding agirl to sleep with ? not interested in a realtionship atm since i have so much mess in my life but s3x is good so where do i go and how do i approach these women ? is the mall a good enough place ? how do i know when and how to approach these girls if my goal is s3x ?


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  • How do get casual s3x pleaes help?
    I find the most viable advice is to evaluate what you have to offer as a sexual partner and what you want. Basically if you're unattractive and unlikely to please her it's quite a leap to me for you to seek an attractive gal.

    It's possibly more likely for you to get casual sex by improving your looks, social status, and ability to interact and engage gals pleasantly and enjoyably while seeking gals of similar attractiveness.

    is the mall a good enough place?
    In my opinion parties would be more suited.

    • Looks wise i dont think i have a problem at all , ia ma physically fit and have an athletic body i dress good and dont really have any problem looking attractive its approaching the girls thats stopping me

    • If you truly didn't have a problem looks wise most likely gals would be approaching you. It's possible you are overestimating your attractiveness.

      As for approaching gals it may be easier if you regard it as simply interacting rather than seeking a specific outcome. Doing so may ease pressure off you and make you more at ease and pleasant.

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  • Just get a hooker. Lol

  • seriously dude wait to find a girl worth marrying don't let your hormones control you


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