What are some signs that he's getting serious about me?

I've been having a intimate "relationship" with a guy going on 4 months now. At the beginning he was all like cold & unemotional he would say that its just sex & He doesn't care if i have other guys. Now its different he gets jealous & possessive & I've met some of his family(mostly cousins) & his bestfriends he even took me to a party of the girl that I was supicious about & showed me off.. Until he got blacked out drunk but thats a whole other story lol. He stays 30 minutes away & works during the weekdays & comes on the weekends to see me he talks about taking me to his place & showing me around his city. He makes me feel like he wants something more but sometimes he makes me feel like he doesn't.


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  • The only sign of hm being serious about you is if he actually asks you to be his girlfriend and if he spends time talking to you outside the bedroom and shows genuine interest in your life.

  • I think he's trying to figure it out himself, but his change in attitude does seem like he's thinking more about you/interested more in you.

    But that doesn't indicate a relationship yet. He might want to be the only woman you have sex with.


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