Why do some girls ask you to text them or add them on Facebook but bring nothing to the conversation?

So there's this girl I have a date with off okcupid this Friday who asked me to text her and she wants to go on a date but she barely initiates conversation and when we do text, we have the most boring, generic conversations ever. Now there's a chance she could just be quiet through texting but talkative in person. I've had that happen before and vice versa.

My point is when you have a date or hang out with a friend even, conversations shouldn't be 100% effort from 1 person and 0% from the other. It's not that I expect the other person to be constantly talking. I'm not terrible with starting a conversation but at the same time if they do nothing to further the conversation and it's quiet until I talk again then I get bored fast. It's painfully annoying because it's like I feel like I have to come up with a script of things to say each time I see them as if I'm interviewing them. I've has this happen before where a girl well say let's go on a date but then when we talk about other things she'll be like right, haha or yeah and those are literally the only 3 words coming out of their mouth.

If someone's like this, how do you handle it? Do you ask them why they don't talk much? Sometimes they could just not he interested but then they could also just be very shy. It's hard to tell.


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  • Your the guy. she's just along for the ride. Everything depends on you to make the date and conversation interesting. She just like other women expect the guy to do all the work. If you don't or she's bored, you stop hearing from her and she talks to someone else. This has been my experience. But maybe I'm dating the wrong women and maybe you are too.

    • Yeah I don't know. This same girl asked me if I'm excited for our date tomorrow but again doesn't attempt much at conversation. Without writing her off as boring, she could be more talkative in person than through texting. I have had that happen before.

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    • I hear ya man on trying to make a move on someone who doesn't like you back. Sometimes I've had it happen on dates where I'd hold hands with the girl or just give her a kiss at the end of the date or make out with them and the next time I talked to them, they'd say it's too much physical contact and consider it assault.

      Then you have those girls that expect you to fuck them on the first date and they may not make it clear themselves but if you don't fuck them on the first date then they ignore you and move onto the next one who will.

    • Yeah that's fucked up. If she's kissing you back and allowing you to touch her... then she's participating in the activity lol. That's messed up. I generally take that as she wants to do that. If she backs away or says no and you force it , then yeah that's assault. But not if she goes with it then regrets it later and blames it all on you for it happening. I think it's California now that has a law that a woman can revoke sexual consent even after you have sex. So, that means you have sex, she consents and even wants it... decides later it was a bad decision on her parts , turns all the blame on you to make her feel better. Or if she's crazy and you do something to piss her off and she seeks revenge. Then you become a sex offender and goto jail for a lot of years. And your life is ruined. And for rape, a girls word in leau of any evidence is sufficient to convict said man. A girl could lie and you get convicted of rape.

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