Are we dating. I think we are but I'm not sure?

I am seperated and I've filed for divorce, but I've been "hanging out" with this guy for about 1 month. He often says "we should do that sometime or we should go there sometime", he's told his parents about me, he always pays even when I offer, he says he doesn't ask me to go out on the weekends because he assumes we're spending the weekend together, he says he likes me, he texts me good morning and good night every day, and we don't have sex every time we see each other.
I feel like we're dating but I'm not sure. Are we a couple? I really like him and I want to have the talk but I don't want to scare him away.


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  • It yet but he definitely likes you, why don't you ask him?

    • I meant not yet

    • I brought the topic up once and he said he does want me to be his gf someday. Is he waiting until I'm actually divorced though?

    • Probably I'm in the same position as you but it's been over a year and can't get divorce yet...

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