Guys, if a guy noticed a message confessing that I really like him (fallen for him)?

Hi guys!
If i confessed to a guy that I relly like him (he told me several times before that he likes me)
and he has seen my message but instead of a normal response he replies with: "Why did you sent me this message?"
What on earth does he mean?
didn't he get that i like him or does he want an extra confirmation from me?
What should I reply?


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  • Interesting. That's a tough one. Shitty situation to be in, as you've laid your cards on the table and he hasn't given you anything to work with.

    If he has mentioned that he likes you multiple times, it is most likely just him trying to get extra confirmation because he is nervous about letting himself get too excited, in case he is misreading it.

    How vague was your message? How open to interpretation was it? Leaving a message vague can be a very good way of judging a guys reaction, but he is seemingly calling you out on it and wanting something more concrete. My guess would be that he likes you and wants to be sure you feel the same way. But that would depend a bit on what kind of confessions he has made to you about liking you, how long ago they were, and what exactly it was that you said.

    • i told him this: "i love the way you make me feel and that you make me smile on the inside and outside."

      and he said around 1 week ago that he likes me and that he's interested in me.

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    • I really appreciate your homest and quick response. Thank you. I'll just think about everything for some days and first of all get everything sink into my mind

    • You're welcome. Good luck with this. It seems like it is a far more complicated issue than it should have been. I'm sorry the guy you like couldn't have just been "Cool, I like you too... let's date" and been done with it, lol.

      Feel free to send me a message if you need to talk through some things. This is a complicated issue.

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  • Unfortunately I dont know why he told you this but I have to tell you that it was a small mistake to confess through message. Well now you did and all you can do is ask him face to face what he meant. Take it from there, if he's positive then everything's fine..

  • Could be he read your name wrong somehow.
    Could be he is next to someone else who he is in a relationship with.

    • sry i dont really get your answer..

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    • haha no. he knew who i was but he just asked why i sent this specific text... so mabey he didn't get this hint cuz i dodnt tell him "i really like you". but "i love the way you make me feel and that you make me smile"

    • *didnt

  • Possibility he's sharing his **** with someone else
    you didn't mention where he contacted you on
    Email messenger , Text Message, GaG Message etc.

    • whatsapp. well i told him 5 days ago before he went home to see his family over Easter . He didn't text me until today and when he texted me today he said "sorry for the lack of communcation. i didn't really have time for myself." then he asked about my job interview i told him about before he left and then he asked why i sent this text last week...

      whats your honest oppinion on this?

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    • ok. well i told him that i like him now and he replied with : "i'm glad that you feel this way. I cherish every moment we've been together."
      and then he said i should look up everything i find about scorpios and tell him what i understood.. but he didn't really tell me that he liked me too or sth like that

    • Yeah i say go by what your heart tells you
      it's always good to observe what's said
      some guys are so lucky to have a girl
      that wants be with them i hope things
      get better i know when things aren't
      50/50 it makes you wonder.

  • He's hoping you'll message back saying: "It means I want to fuck your brains out."

  • maybe he's insecure? insecure guys to ask why girls like them

  • Sorry, I never saw such situation before, but I think @JapanNerd17 makes sense.

  • He wants to be 100% sure. Since he likes you, he wants to make sure you're not playing with him.

    • Are you sure? Whats best to reply? Because he's working so i dont know when we'll see each other..

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    • ok and what if he just texted me "Did you miss me?"
      i mean i won't reply woth yes since we're not yet in a relationship...
      whats the best response to this?

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