A guy I been seeing revealed he has ocd. I thought he was just being querky as it didn't seem to bother me and I saw some things he does as cute?

But now realize that he is tormented by it..i feel bad and suddenly not sure how to handle this. Are they able to have healthy relationship s?


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  • Most of them are, but depending on the severity of the case, it could interfere with the relationship. Have you tried reassuring him that you find it cute and that you love him for him? He has most likely had several relationships fail because past exes weren't able to deal with what you find cute. Keep reassuring him that is NOT the case with you, that you love him for him!

    If his OCD does start to significantly interfere with your relationship in the future then perhaps the two of you should talk about cognitive therapy and or medication. Again if this happens keep reassuring him you love him for him, and there is nothing horribly wrong with him, anymore than if he had an infection and went to the Dr. for some antibiotics!

    • Thank you. I will do that! Do you have personal experience with someone?

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    • Oh ok... is it you or someone you know tht has it?

    • Myself I used to have terrible social anxiety, I know what it's like to try and make a relationship work when you have an issue like that.

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  • I can tell you from experience (I'm OCD as well) that given the other partner's willingness to work with them that yes, a healthy relationship is possible.
    Also there are ways you can help lessen the torment, such as setting things up how they like them for them (something small such as how the silverware are laid out on the table at dinner, helping keep their bookshelves organized how they like them, etc.) And don't feel bad about thinking some things are cute. My boyfriend finds my OCD adorable and likes to tease me sometimes but I don't get angry.
    Also from the other side of things, I've dated a guy who was also OCD and his biggest problem was door locking. He would lock and unlock the door in sets of three til he got to 36. I negated that problem by being the one who would lock the door at night and this worked for us.
    You really just got to find what works for you.
    Best of luck! (:

    • Thank you! Will do. I remember when he as me to research how to clean a new monitor that has plastic film on it. He swore it was glue and kept repeatedly asking why would they put that on. He threw away 2 expensive monitors away because of it. How can i reassure him of things like that?

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    • Thanks. But if i do that the computer shop will think we r crazy because its just the film on it that is easily pealed away. But he seems to think it left residual glue. Which i don't see. So it will be hard to show that to a computer person. I don't want put him in a position where they might laugh at him.

    • Not always, most professionals will maintain a calm and helpful demeanor. But I do understand your concern. You could go by the shop first and ask yourself about if the plastic film leaves a residue and how you might remove it if it does.

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  • OCD? You mean CDO?

    • No i mean ocd as in obsessive compulsive disorder. Not sure what cdo is.

    • You obviously didn't get the joke. I know what OCD is, but CDO is OCD in alphabetical order.

    • Oh lol yeah I missed that

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  • If you really like him you'll be able to look past the fact he has OCD. All he really needs is someone who likes him for him. If he gets tormented by it you need to be by his side and tell him that it's okay and that you think it's cute. No body is perfect give it a shot

    • Thank you. Have u been with someone like this?

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    • Did it really help to Constantly give reassurance? Seems to not be helping.

    • The key thing to do is to treat him like any other person. Constant reassurance isn't really what he's looking for. If he is insecure about it and is embarrassed about it then reassure him but just treat him like a regular person. Wait till he talks about it and his insecurities with it

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