Why dont we have a title yet?

k so me and this guy have been talking for ever like we hug, kiss, cuddle, hold hands, and then there's those moments where we just dont say a word and look into eachothers eyes. Its great he calls me all those cute names and everything and when his arms are around me WOW ugh the way he kisses my neck and lets me decide everything hoh ok ill stop but anyways he's so perfect to me and i just dont know whats wrong he hasn't asked me to be his but he really treats me like it, with out this confirmation its so confusing? but i want to know why? have you ever done this or has it happened to you?


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  • Maybe he just assumed that you guys already had a title. Maybe he felt no need to clarify it.

    If you want clarification, just try to get it outta him. Maybe tag him in something and give it a heading of "i love my BF" or something like that.


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  • maybe he feels like he doesn't need to explicitly say it. you could try to coax something out of him, like to get him to say you're his girlfriend maybe? usually, if you're kissing, and its exclusively just you two, it means you're dating, but you should always have a healthy talk and clarify. its not as awkward as it sounds dw :)


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  • huh... what do u mean by title?

    • like us being exclusive or him calling me his girlfriend like to make this shizz official

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