The fact that I am his type creeps me out. Am I overreacting?

We're in college and in the "talking" stage. As any average, red-blooded girl would do, I Facebook stalk him. Turns out he probably had a thing for a chicken who dresses eerily like me in high school. Since he doesn't know too much about me other than my appearance so far...I'm a little wary. If he's are just looking for a hipster chick in a conservative environment...he should've known better. Hipsters hate being pigeon-holed. Its just that I personally don't have a type. Being his makes me feel a little less than a full person.


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  • He has a thing for a chicken who dresses like you?

    • Oops. Hopefully not. Chick*

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    • I'm sorry KidInk4. This is the "best" for me because it made me laugh.

    • He doesn't get my dear @asker the answer was funny :) thanks for the MHO

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  • If you're not pansexual, you have a type.

    Being his type is a good thing. The question is if he connects with you as a person -as well- as you being his type.

    • I guess we'll find out! Thanks

  • what? why should it matter?
    if he likes your looks he likes your looks, if he treats you right than there should be no problem

    • We'll see if he continues to treat me right once he knows more about me!

    • hopefuly that will be the case
      But people tend to date girls/boys that have some similarities to people they have previously dated, he is not so bad

      I know girl that has dated 3 consecutive Franks, all 5'11'', all white, brown hair, similar features
      Same jobs (marketing)
      very strange...

    • Time will tell!

  • Another situation where a girl is overthinking everything

    • I'm the best at over thinking it's true!

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    • Would you marry a man who looks ugly to you?

    • No... but I'm usually attracted to humor, taste etc instead of looks.

  • You are female... I think it's natural for you to over react on small things like this

    • It's not natural... it's just statistically more probable. But k thanks.

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    • I invest because I like him. But you are right I will pull up stakes and move on if he's not worth it.

    • the one thats worth it isn't the run who is running away but the one who is running towards you... if it's meant to be , it will happen.. tell him how you feel and move on.

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  • I think you're over-reacting. So what? People go after what he likes and if you're his type, why wouldn't he?

    • You are rational as your name would suggest. He deserves the benefit of doubt!

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