Blonde and redheads are you into Mexican Americans guys?

so i live in California and i have recently notice that a lot of blonde and Caucasian women have been into Mexican American guys so this question is for blonde girls and Redheads preferable from different countries out side of THE USA do you find Mexican American guys attractive would you ever date/marry one

PS i am not trying to make anyone from anyother race seem less attactive i know girls from all races can be beatiful to this is just a question
  • Yea i am a blonde and they can be pretty good looking :)
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  • yea i am a redhead and they can be pretty good looking :)
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  • No not really my type
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  • i am a dude! bro
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  • i am neither of these
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  • dude u should no every girl has a different taste basically... so SOME of them might be into Mexicans!


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