Would you want to have anything to do with a man or a woman who told you they had sex with underage teenagers age ranging from (16-17)?

I was talking to this guys and he was into me then he shared something with me he how he likes younger girls and he had sex with them ages ranging from 16-17 and he is 30 years old. He told me he doesn't mess with my underage girls anymore. But I don't talk to him anymore he has been texting me and calling me and I have been ignoring him. One of the main reason why I don't want to have anything to do with him is because of what he told me. I think it's wrong and disgusting some grown men and women have sex with underage girls and boys.


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  • Hell no. RED FLAG! I'd suspect that's just the tip of the iceberg with some other underlying perversion. Plus, it would make me HIGHLY uncomfortable seeing as I have a niece. If things were to get serious one day, I couldn't be so sure that he wouldn't look at her a certain way... F*ck no. When a man shows you there's something off with his value system, stay away from him.

    • I agree that's why I don't talk to him no more.

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  • report him.

  • That's creepy.

    • Yeah it is and he showed me a picture of his 14 year old daughter and I asked him how would he feel if a grown man messed with her like the way he was messing with underage girls he didn't answer