Should of added this girl online after I meet her but didn't now I still want to? should I anyways?

first meet her and her gf at a bar a couple months back , we sort of clicked at the time and they were both interested in talking to me at the time .i found them online a week or so after that and added the one to my Twitter but never added the other one and she was all annoyed at the time . and made some post along lines if someone wanted you in life they'd made an effort to find you . so i just sort of didn't worry about it at time . but haven't really clicked with the other girl i actually did add and she doesn't seem to have as much in common as i have with the other girl so regreting not adding other girl too . think i could like add her after all this and fact i added her friend allready ? or is she just too annoyed at me ?


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  • Go ahead and add her if you want her to feel like second best. She will have to be confident enough to tell you to get lost. Why didn't you choose her in the first place? Looks?

    • I though other girl was more interested and she was going to school near me so though I would see more of her as other girl was further away , there both from same hometown but away at school. it wasn't looks actually girl I didn't add is smoking hot brunette , short and cute and had nice boobs , it definity wasn't about looks , other girl was good looking too blonde to I'd say they were both equally attractive

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  • I'd add her. See where it leads.

    • also some distance as she doesn't live that close to me so not sure I'd see a lot of her even if i do add her , i might see her at bar again and could try then

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    • we seemed to have more of a connection at the bar than online , she did seek me out and talk to me at bar , but online I really didn't hear much from her , I think I'd have a chance with her if I saw her at bar again but online I wonder if she didn't like profile or saw something there , there was some other girls I added previously maybe she got annoyed?

    • When there is a lack of seeing eachother, women definitely lose interest quickly.

  • I agree with her " if someone wanted you in life they'd made an effort to find you."
    Nope, too late... bad person!

    • i think she was jealous i had made an effort to find her gf but didn't do the same for her

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    • just cause I know her from real life , likely to see them again at bar and talk to them ,

    • Oh okay... Awkward you mean?

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