Guys, this text sounds alright doesn't it?

Well I only texted my boyfriend twice today, I don't want to seem clingy or desperate or anything. I know he's at work right now so I texted him this "hey babe hope you're having a good night at work! I took like 3 naps today so I might be up late. Text me whenever you get off if you're not too tired. I would love to hear from you. Xoxo." I mean i didn't tell him I love him or anything I'm kinda scared too tho I know he loves me. He kinda made that clear the other day lol. But I'm scared to tell him I love him because I am not ready to say it tho I do. Did that text sound ok? I didn't seem distant did I?
Well he did end up texting me! We texted and talked on the phone till 3am lol


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