Girls, would you date a guy like this?

Who stays out almost every night until 4 or 5 in the morning, smokes pot with his friends almost everyday, has an ex that is part of his friend group, texts & snap chats that ex occasionally, lies all the time about where he is at late at night, sees you maybe twice a week, never invites you out when he goes out with his friends even though his friend group is coed and he's with them about 5 nights out of the 7?
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And what makes this even more amazing is because I couldn't handle it anymore and he told me that no one is gonna be able to take me seriously because I'm too clingy, jealous & insecure. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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  • The moment I saw smoking pot and ex I say hell no! XD sounds like too much baggage for me xD. Especially dealing with any past lovers NO Wae.


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  • Pot stinks and I don't want that around me.

    I can stay out late too, but if it's every night, there's an issue. Especially if he's lying.

    I don't care if he has an ex that he's still friends with. I'm not insecure about that. Texting/snap-chatting isn't an issue unless if it's something he's hiding.

    He doesn't invite me out with his friends? Screw that. Nope. I would leave him.

  • i wouldn't care about the fact that he stays out a lot, nor smokes pot, nor the thing with the ex girlfriend. but i couldn't stand the lies and him giving me the cold shoulder.

    • See I'm the same way it's just that he always lies and then ignores me after and then it just makes all the other stuff annoying too.

    • sounds really bad.. i don't think you should date him under those circumstances!

  • wow sounds harsh and bad for you im telling you never ever again for this guy

  • No I wouldn't


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