I want to trust my new girlfriend but I can't, what should I do?

So I've been friends with, let's call her Emily, for two years. We've been best friends actually, and ever since we've met, she has liked me but I decided to friendzone her. Until recently, I started falling for her, so I agreed and finally asked her out. I've been very happy. It's been two weeks since we started dating... The problem is, I dont trust her due to the fact that:

1. She has many guy friends and talks to a lot of guys.

2. She keeps in contact with two of her exes.

3. An ex recently contacted her, who she was crazy about, through Snapchat. She claims that she replied
back "out of shock". I'm certain that they're talking through Snapchat.

4. She keeps making up excuses as to why she hasn't wanted to make it "Facebook" official.

5. She takes her phone out a few times while we're on dates (more than an average person).

6. On occasions, she's active on social media, and then replies to me way later claiming that she was "busy".

7. There was a night when I told her I wanted to be alone and think, so I said goodnight. Later, I find that 5 minutes later she posted (I guess I'll go to bed now...) on her Snapchat story (She has a lot of guys on her Snapchat)

She likes kissing me and cuddling and holding hands and everything. She claims that she doesn't have feelings for her exes and that I'm the only one she's interested. I want to believe that... But I honestly dont.

Am I being too paranoiod or should I talk to her? Thank you guys and gals from GAG for your advice.


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