Attracted to older guys? Guys what's the youngest you'd date

I don't know I guess I was wondering if I was the only ine like this. I find older guys (20-23) extremely attractive most of the time. I love their attitudes and personalities. Not saying I'm my attracted to teenage guys it's just teenage guys are annoying as heck sometimes and they're immature and y'know. Also I just feel boys of my generation are bred as douches. I know they won't get any better as I get older and I just am genuinely attracted to maturity found only in guys older than me. So I was wondering girls are you attracted to older guys, if so what's the age range? Guys what's the youngest you'd date or more so largest age gap?


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  • It's commonplace among young women; much more so than I realized. Many have older man / daddy fetish.

    • It's not a daddy fetish what so ever. i think you might a little mistaken and plus I doubt many girls 15 have any fetishes developed.

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    • Speaking personally it is NOT a fetish. I know what I like and that is not one of the things I like. Also I'm positive it is not as much of a dervish as you think it is. If it were it'd be much more popular

    • I never said you had a fetish honey.

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  • I understand completely what you're talking about. Most teenage guys are very immature... but I don't really know many older guys so I've never had the chance to be attracted to one... and even if I did know some older guys... I'm not sure I would be attracted to them. I think it's personal preference. But the age gap would scare me a little.

    • I know what you mean about the age gap but honestly I don't think I'd ever at this age get into something with a guy that's 23 or older but I am attracted to them and I feel like that age gap isn't aa scary as you get older even though it stays the same. for instance I have a teacher that's 54 and his wife is 44. Not a big deal but if he wear 28 and she was 18 that'd be looked at weirdly also I like to think about this thing my friend brought up. At 17 you can be hit on by a 13 year old and a 21 year old and it's the same age difference. It's all perspective man.

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  • I think it's normal for girls at your age to feel attracted by older guys. Not only girls, young guys like older girls too.

  • It's just teenage hood. It's normal, I was the same when I was age 15. I was attracted to all of my teachers (The ones in their 20's lel)... Oh and all generations have douches.

  • Apparently you and 90 percent of the female population feel this way.
    At this point, she has to be 18 as I get older the range will change.

  • If I wasn't happily single I would date any Girl of legal age as long as they were younger than my parents.


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  • I see a lot of guys on here about 20+ acting retarded on here {not all}.

    You like what you like.


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