Should I leave him Alone?

I am getting Fed up with my crush, last week one of my friends said that her and my crush was talking about me and he was saying that he likes me but he not sure he ready for a relationship because of his past relationship with the mother if his child. Also, my friend told him that he needs to talk to me about it. A week later he still has not mentioned to me about it. The reason why I haven't because I believe that he should because it seem like he getting it easy if I say something. But now it seem like each day he gets more distance and our text conversation seem one side and it does not continued like he is interested in talking. Tonight I was going to bring it up because I am sick of wondering but he when I text him asking how he was he replied saying he was at his funeral showing, which I did not know it his showing was today. So since he told me that I did not bring it up and the conversation did not last because he was texting me one worded replies. I am not trying to seem selfish but I am sick of not knowing and I want to bring it up to him, and I am sick of keep putting it off because of some reason of that has to do with him. I just need advice on when to tell that I know about the conversation that he had with my friend and or just leave him alone.


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  • Closed mouths don't get fed.

    If you aren't willing to talk to him then you're equally at fault for not making what you want known. It isn't his sole responsibility to talk to you. Mind you, he should gut up and talk to you, but he could genuinely have concerns that are preventing him. Bringing it up to him isn't giving him anything "easy", it's being understanding enough to understand that he might be in a difficult emotional situation and is too afraid to fess up and explain things to you.

    Ultimately one of you has to give, and if you aren't willing to you kind of lose the ability to be upset because you never made the same effort that you're expecting from him. Sorry, just how I feel about it.


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  • i have the same situation belive me if u r fed up make ur mind and ask him clearly tell him how do u feel from his casual behavior (dont say u like him)... tell him face to face or text him...

  • No you shouldn't leave him alone just because he isn't ready. When the time is right he will know.

  • Maybe give him some space to figure things out. He most likely doesn't want to enter into a relationship with you until he knows he can give 100% on his end. Also, since he does have a child, that is actually very responsible of him, and really it's more fair to you to. Just be chill and give it some time and don't pressure him, he will come around when he's ready and if not and some time has passed then maybe talk to him. Good luck


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