Did you know your partner before dating them?

Did you know them e.g friends, clssmates, workmates, religious group, family friends etc. or did you not know or kinda know them e.g schoolmate ( differet grades. you recognize the face but dont know who they are), mutual friend meeting them for the first time , online dating, living in the same building and having a chance encounter?
  • I knew them before dating
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  • I kinda or didn't know them before dating
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't know which one exactly I fall under. I met him online and we didn't meet in person until a little over a year later. But the year we spent talking online and over the phone I got to know him so well that when we met in person it felt like I had known him my whole life.

    I fell in love with my best friend <3 when we first started talking we were just friendly with each other. I shared stuff that I probably wouldn't have if I had known we were going to end up dating.

    • Were you unsure of the relationship during the year or were did you start talking knowing that a relationship is what you wanted

    • After a few months of talking I knew I wanted him.

Most Helpful Guy

  • My most recent ex, I didn't know her much at all. I knew her through my sister's friend.

    To me, that "get to know the person before dating that person" is a bullshit excuse to string someone along.

    in my opinion, the dating process IS "getting to know the person".

    All this "friends first" stuff is fairytale shit, made up by cowardly people who are afraid to take social risks.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Yup, we were friends. Not close friends though

  • I knew him for 6 years before we started dating.

  • In my opinion dating someone is also away to getting to know that person.. friends or gf/bf
    Either way its a learning experience but Its always great to know them as a friend first


What Guys Said 3

  • My first ex, I knew her since we were both kids. She happened to be the daughter of my aunt's best friend.

    My second ex, I had never seen met her before.

    • Which one did you feel was more organic?

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    • No man :-( There is a woman out there for you

    • You really think so? I hope your words come true.

      I mean... women seem to be so unapproachable these days, probably due to all this feminism crap. It's like they have along list of partner requirements, and if I don't check all the boxes, I'll be rejected outright.

  • Wait how would you not know someone beforehand? You mean you just started dating a complete stranger? This is odd to me.

    • Yes. You could meet someone at a party, concert or other event. Have a connection, exchange numbers and get to dating

  • I make a point of never dating women I know prior to dating. Much better approach in my opinion.

    • Why? What is the difference

    • It makes dating far less messy.

      There's less drama, the two of you can setup your relationship however you want without having to worry about what other people think--no one knows you're with each other until you tell them. If things don't workout, break it off nice and cleanly--no need to choose who's going to keep which friends.

      Plus, if you have the guts to ask out strangers, your options are always open. You know you can find a new SO at the snap of a finger--just a matter of numbers. And you can ask out the type of girls who really interest you, rather than settle for the arbitrary girls who happen to be in your web of relationships in some way--or the lack of them, as the case may be. Why not get what you actually want, rather than cross your fingers and hope that one of five eligible women in your network will like you? There are 3.5 billion women on the planet--why limit myself to girls my friends know? Bullshit.

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