Should I Tell him how I feel?

Hey lovely people,

So this guy, lets call him "Gob' and i dated in the past like 3 years ago for 2 months then we broke things off, cause he was acting distant. Then later I dated somone new and that relationship lasted about 2 years ( broke up last summer). So throughout my last relationship Gob and I remained friends cause our families are tight, kinda had to get used to seeing eachother, so after my break up last summer, Gob and I become closer friends and at that point I did rebound with Gob, and told him I wasn't ready for anything serious, we basically stayed like friends with benefits for 7months ( I knowww baaad idea). Anyway time passes on and the obvious starts to happen, i start to catch feelings for Gob, i tell him and he tells me he doesn't want a relationship, so i am like lets end this friends with benefits then cause i dont wanna get hurt anymore, but Gob doesn't want to end it , that he has feelings for me but his just not ready for anything serious.So i am like whatever, i stop anything intimate with him from that point, and i kept my distance, but we would text once in a while. Gob would call me from time to time to check up on me, or would want us to hang out just as friends but i was still hesistant. so i stopped gooing to his place for like 3 months. Then recently I went to his place, we chilled , did nothing sexual, was just two friends chilling and stuff and i am like ok this is cool. I asked him if there was anything new, he was like nope! Then on snapchat i see that he posts a picture with a girl on his story,and writes "relationships goals" and I am like WTF. So of course I dont wanna act crazy and call his ass. I texted him was like "the girl on your snap is she your gf, she is cute!:)" , he replies " she could be, ikr, she is cute", then i was "happy for you, we all need someone", then his like " i didn't say she is my gf tho, she could be!". I didn't reply back.

So my question is should i confront him, cause honestly i am hurt/confused, like after he said


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  • That does sound pretty hurtful.
    But being friends with benefits with him is also communicating that you are happy with just that, and not asking for anymore than that. Which only demands a small level of respect from him.
    Has he ever posted a photo of the two of you together before?
    His messages to you saying that she isn't his girlfriend but could be, are just his way of leaving the option open with you to continue a sexual relationship.
    It sounds like he doesn't respect you that much.
    I wouldn't go out of my way to tell him how you feel, I'd just move on. However, seeing your families are friends, I'd just wait until I see him next, and probably just mention that I was a little hurt by his actions, and leave it at that.
    Would you mind answering my most recent question too? :)


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