Girls, would you ever give a guy a second chance if he cheated on you?

If a guy cheats on you is he automatically old news or would you listen to his apology and decide later if he deserves a second chance? I mean some people make bad choices and mistakes. Does it maybe matter the extent on his cheating or the amount? Like some men cheat by simply giving a phone number or kissing another women and others do the extreame by sleep with them or oral favors or wutever. It all still falls in the same boat of cheating but femsles sometimes judge on what was done. So second chance or never?
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  • Depends on what he did
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  • I might hear him out but I still won't give him a second chance
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  • I'd slam the door in his face and won't even hear him out, it's over
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For some of you pming me, Its not for me, I'm just asking this question cuz I'm watching a movie about cheating lol


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  • I gave my man a second chance and it was the best decision of my life. Not all cheaters are ALWAYS cheaters. Mine was in a very dark place, made a dumb decision, and did absolutely everything in his power to prove to me it was a one time mistake that he would regret forever. We've been together for 2 years now and I have never suspected him of cheating on me since then.

    People are capable of changing in the right circumstances. Normally, I wouldn't give someone a second chance, but he really really fought to convince me he was worth it and it took a lot of time but I do fully trust him 100% and don't ever get suspicious of him. We have a very loving and fulfilling relationship.

    • I should also add that we had a very serious talk about it after he told me, I didn't get over it right away, either. I basically told him that if it ever happens again that's it, he's done. It took me almost a yearto be 100% completely over it, and even now very rarely I still get really angry about it for a couple of seconds, but it is not healthy to cling on to that kind of anger. every time the girl has texted him since then (hasn't been that many times but has been a few) he's shown me and made it very clear he is not having any kind of flirty relationship or anything like that with her and has completely blown her off every time.

    • Your story was touching I needed to see that not everyone believes the old sayin (once a cheater always a cheater)

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  • I believe relationships are definitely repairable, but I still wouldn't give the guy a second chance. I just don't have time for that crap - I've seen it in my parents' marriage and in other people's relationships, and it's just too much for me to handle. It's really not that difficult to stay faithful! And if two people aren't in love anymore, they should split up - NOT cheat.

    • I've seen lovers cheat, and it's a lot harder than you think to stay faithful. Just because you cheat doesn't necessarily mean you don't love that person anymore. People treat some time because they have human desires and needs that need to be addressed. Its just like a person who has a crack addiction, they know it's bad for them but they do anway because I need to feed your body. you might drink a bottle of Patrone and be good the next day but your friend my drink a bottle Patrone and become alcoholic because it gave them a feeling or an experience that they can't cope with and they need to feel that feeling all the time. Maybe it's a feeling that's filling that emptiness inside of them thst's been missing for so many years and just like people have alcohol anonymous, there's also drug Anonymous, and sex anonymous.

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    • We don't ALL have sex addictions my friend

    • Trust me, when you have people feeding you compliments and buying you things just to please you or throwing themselves at you, it's a lot harder to stay faithful than you think. But if your just a person who has to fight for attention, than your right, it's not hard to stay faithful at all. Imagine being someone famous like Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Drake, etc... Faithful is nearly impossible in their lives. That's why they probably dont date because they know they'll probably get laid before they even make it home... So trust me I speak from experience, staying faithful is a lot harder than it seems. But I hear where your coming from

  • I believe he deserves a second chance with SOMEONE ELSE.. and maybe he won't take his next gf for granted and possibly not cheat on her. So YES, I'd give him that second chance but with someone else... I will not stay... there is not justification for cheating in my mind... irrelevant to the circumstances...

    if something is wrong... speak up and say something.
    if you've lost interest... speak up and say something
    if you've become interested in someone else... speak of and say something...

    There is no reason (justifiable) to cheat... if you do it to me, you're gone. and you can take your chance with someone else.. (i'm not directing it at you, i'm just speaking the "you" in general) :]!

    • I understand lol tell me, do you believe that a man can be attracted to kne women forever? Like for example, If you find me attractive you might find the next guy atrractive that's hangin out with me. I believe a relation is a job more than anythihg, some say it's worth it and some say it's not. The reason I think a relationship is a job because if you were attracted to me and I was attracted to you and we start dating, I have to prove myself to u for a very long time that I'm better than the next guy you see, I'm cooler, im sexier im funnier, I have more class, I'm more understanding and romantic. Sooo much to prove over and over and over. It's a never ending cycle because there's always gonna be some guy thats better than me, always!! There's always gonna be a guy who's taller than me, better looking, more muscular, better voice, more hansom, more money. there's always somebody in the world thats better than me, you, him, her, then, everyone! So how does a person stay focused on one?

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    • I got played 3 times so what does that tell you? Tells me these women found somethin better and kicked me to the curb like a soccer ball. If I have to look deep into these relationships I. Could honestly tell you the only reason I was betrayed. Was because girl 1.) she was mad that I wouldn't take her vidginity at age 17πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dumbass little dick thirsty groupie. Girl 2.) well it was a good run, I worked for her father and he made me manager but apparently he didn't want me around his daughter because the minute we started dating I got fired!πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ but that shit didn't break up my relationship, we still kept datibg and shit... We broke up cuz when I found out they were racist I stopped showing up to see her as much and she cheated and married the guy she cheated on me with lol...
      Girl 3.) well she lived far, cost me $500.00 every weekend to drive to her and well she began to lie, smoke weed, and drink and fuck guys to fill the void I left. So don't be fast to judge me

    • My only mistake was not showing up for the past two girls

  • Nope I would even hear him out there's no excuse for cheating ever. Once a cheater always a cheater.

    • You don't think people change? Cheaters change, humans evolve and people may be cheaters when they're young but they get older and mature and get wiser and learn from their wrongs. I use to like loud music as a teenager but now I kinda don't care too much anymore. Shit I use watch rugrats but I grew out of it and a lot of my other habits. I have never cheated though but sometimes I wish I had.. My loyalty was just too feirce though.πŸ˜’

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    • I don't mean love everything I do and say. I just mean love me and be happy with me when times are good and bad and not go looking for something else when times are bad. Someone to stick by my side always. It isn't that hard for a male to do that they just have to love the person they're with and make a decision. And I'm confident enough that I can find that one day.

    • I have no doubts that you will find it. πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ

  • i pick D. hell no. i will kick him too ;)

  • no I wouldn't


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