How can I attract more men within my age range, I seem invisible to them?

I usually talk to men 3-10yrs older than me. My friends say I should should stop trying to date these older men.
I'm trying really hard to talk to guys my age but none seem interested or we just never have good conversations like I do with older men.

Plus it seems guys my age only what me when I'm all dolled up and glamorous looking. Otherwise it's like I don't exist but older men seem to be OK with my usual plain lo
*And no I don't look older or mature for my age. If anything I look younger!
I went to online dating for guys my age... about the same results but a little better outcomes with actually talking/dating someone my age for once.
Guys at my school just friendzone me while older men hit on me and make advances


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  • Find men who act more like older men. Maybe you can find a young guy who is the youngest in his group of friends, but hangs out with older guys and relates to them a lot.

    Also, if you're going to take an interest in younger guys who are in a social circle containing a lot of older, more successful men, make sure to give that younger guys some special attention and possitive cues so he'll know he has a shot with you. Younger guys sometimes feel intimidated when competing with older, wealthier, more established men, unless something is done to make them feel like they have a chance with the girl in question.

    And younger guys probably won't need you to wear makeup continually, its more the first impression that matters. So long as they rememer how you can look, how you do look on a casual basis is less important.

    • Yesss I want them to know how I Can look if the occasion is right or if I feel like dressing up once in a while. Older guys seem to understand that better

      Then again I don't drop obvious hints, older guys pick up on my subtle cues while guys my age seem obvious. I don't wanna put myself out there because I've been rejected before and both guys were slightly younger than,, me but by less than a year

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    • That sounds like a good idea, solely for the sake of getting over the crush. That being said, the main things I had in mind when I mentioned giving obvious cues were things more like smiling at men, laughing at things they say, playing with your hair, etc. Most guys like to be the ones to pursue, so aside from cases where its important to get over a crush as to move on to other possibilities, I'd mostly use the tactics described above.

    • And thanks for MH.

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  • You're probably just very mature for your age. And that's a good thing!
    I don't see a problem with getting to know and potentially dating men three years older than yourself, but a decade is pushing it a bit. I had friends who dated men much older, and often, in the end, these men were often ones who specifically seeked younger women, because they liked to be in control in the relationship. This is a generalisation however. But just be careful.
    I can imagine that you probably come across as responsible, which is probably quite rare amongst people your own age. Most guys at 20 don't respect responsibility and maturity, many are just looking to "have a good time", and many probably don't feel ready for serious relationships yet, so when they come across a girl who seems mature, they will often run in the opposite direction.
    However in saying that, there are guys out there who do value maturity, and girls they can have deeper conversations with. These guys are just a rare find. So please please don't change to attract someone, and never drop your standards, ever. Just concentrate on trying to build friendships with guys similar in age to yourself, and see what happens. They will mature more over the next couple of years.
    Would you be happy to answer my most recent question too? :)

    • Exactly and that's what I'm afraid of!
      I recently started being more bold with older men too likeiI'm upfront asking them if they prey on younger women to manipulate us or if they're just hoping to smash

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  • Dress to what men the age you are looking for would be attracted to.

    For example if you want to attract a good looking clean look guy that is handsome dress as if you were a secretary

  • Older guys aren't too bad 3yrs is a decent age group

  • same here. I like older guy but not always.

  • I agree, dress the part to attract the ones you want

  • Try talking to men your age more often


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