How do you know if he's dating someone else as well?

so met this guy a couple of weeks back. not sure what our status is but he's said things like 'you can come over whenever you want, we can hang whenever you want, ill clear my scheldue for you' and 'i really like hanging out with you'. and stuff like that...but we don't talk often as in via texts etc.

perhaps he's dating someone else at the same time and thats why he doesn't talk to me often via text/fb?


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  • If a guy is single, it means just that, he's single, not in a relationship. But a guy usually has some other candidates floating around that he talks to, because guys can't just sit around and wait for a girl to come along, we have to gather prospects.

    But it's only been two weeks, so it's still undetermined whether or not he has anything serious in mind. All of the texts you gave just translate to "I want to fuck you", now this may not be the case, but assume it is, and do some digging.

    • ok say he did want sex right. he kisses me in public and stuff like 'coupley' things and we held hands. so i have no clue whats going on man

    • Like I said, do some digging. Guys will play any role you want him to play just to get some ass.

      That's why you hear all of these stories of girls getting played and they say "I thought he loved me, he said he did, but he just wanted sex. I can't believe I fell for it. *tears*" They fall for it because guys play the role.

      I can tell you right now that no guy on this planet knows he wants to date a girl two weeks in. Only he is sure of is how much he wants some ass.

    • good point actually.

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  • Or maybe he's just shy


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  • We can hang out anytime = im waiting to tap dat booty of yours


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