This one is only for dating site useres?

So on most dating sites there are these little texts you can put somewhere like one or two sentences to attrakt people or break the ice or just to say anything about yourself.

what is the most repelling text you come across on other peoples profiles?


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  • The guys that dictate how you should act, dress and be like in order to be worthy of their presence.. Pretty funny

    • lol yeah... as if someone would want to be with them soo badly XD

    • I know, right? "Must be this, or that, or the other...". Even if I AM this, that or the other I move past these guys.

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  • I can't remember but I definitely remembered one or two guys answering
    the question "How important is loyalty to you?" with "I mostly try to be loyal" or something even worse. All righty then! Thanks for not wasting my time!


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