Is this girl that I just dated interested in me or not?

Well, I just dated this girl past weekend who lives like almost an hour away and I'm not sure if she's interested in going out with me again or not. That night, I told her I'd like to see you again but she didn't reply back. The other day, she messaged me saying "hey, how's it going" and we talked. She complained about some guys that gave her a hard time which she told me the earlier night and I asked her if they said any more things to her or not and she didn't reply back. The next day, I messaged her saying hey around 8 pm and she said she was in class at the moment but she told me before we first dated that on that particular day, she gets off class at 7:30 pm. Anyways, what do you guys think? Do you think she's not interested in me? I like her a lot but I guess it's not meant to be. This is the first time I got a chance to date in my life and I don't know when I'll get another chance. I was hoping this girl would be worth the wait.
I guess I'm on the wrong website since no one wants to answer
This is not helpful at all. Why can't more people answer my question?


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  • I would ask her out one more time and if she ditches, I wouldn't respond again. This sounds eerily like something I used to do when I wasn't into a guy... :/

    I know it comes off as confusing, but we don't want to hurt your feelings...

    • "This sounds eerily like something I used to do when I wasn't into a guy... :/" I guess she's doing the same thing then. I wanna ask her again but at the same time, I don't wanna seem too clingy.

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    • Thanks. This site is pretty useless when it comes to really important questions regarding dating and relationship. But troll like questions seem to get tons of answers.

    • Yeah. It's unfortunate. You're welcome and I hope you find your answer.

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  • Well it sounds like she's not really interested, I think you'll have to maybe ask her out again, but It seems like she's not interested.
    And as for this site not giving you answers, it helps if you put short descriptions and there are certain times of day where you're question is probably more likely to be answered. Some people will see a question but then not answer it because they don't feel like reading you're sob story

  • It sounds like she is not that interested. I would back off honestly. There are more fish in the sea:).

    • "There are more fish in the sea" Yes but no. She's the first girl I ever dated and I'm almost 30.

    • Well, maybe a better game plan is to wait a week or two and see. If she doesn't message you, then call her. Ask her or again. If she doesn't, then there really is no other option. I mean there is always kidnapping, but people frown upon it.

  • You made much effort on your dating. I think you can understand my anxiety. Maybe you are her best choice , however she has not maken her final decision. If She is your dream girl , never give up.

    • I'm not sure. Let's see.

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  • Ask her out on a date again. Don't overanalyze thing.
    If she accept, good!

    If she refuse but give a counteroffer, awesome!

    If she refuse but give no counteroffer, throw her number away and move on!


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