What does this guy mean? Enlightment needed please?

I met a guy that I really like. He likes me as well so i just told him today. And This was what he responded:

"I can be your everything but only if you want me to be your everything
If you want to evolve, to grow and find yourself.. You found a teacher, a friend, a lover.
Well, love... I'm the light that burns to the soul all imperfections and flaws a person will have
I respect life and those who truly live for it, not just waste their seconds on delusions of pleasure no matter what form they choose to indulge themselves.
i like you and i believe you have great potential."

What the hell shall I respond to this? What does this "misery" mean? Urgent oppinions needed. Thanks guys :)


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  • He really really likes you and wants to be your everything (boyfriend, maybe even husband?). What misery?


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  • Hate to break it to you, but this guy kind of sounds like a weirdo with a messiah complex.

  • Well, i told you in your last post of how i felt about this guy

  • Huge fruitcake. RUN FAST.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Oh, boy...

  • He wants to be your husband!


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