How do you know when a girl wants a relationship or just to hook up?

So I met a girl on Tinder and I'm going to go on a date with her. I always used to assume girls never wanted to hook up and just want to find a relationship through those things. But then I went on a date with a girl a few months back assuming she wanted to see if I could potentially date her long term. So I took her to dinner and then we went to the beach, but at one point she said "Why didn't we just go to your apartment?" I was caught offguard by this, but yeah... we banged.

So how do I know if a girl wants to go to date me and then call it a night or she wants sex? I feel a little reluctant to say at some point "Hey, wanna go back to my place?"


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  • She'll usually be forward like that girl was to you.


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