Which do you prefer?

Hot body but ugly face, or beautiful face but not such a hot body?
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i don't really care about how a body looks so i would always choose face


Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted A but it really does depend on what you mean. If your idea of 'not such a hot body' is like slim without much breasts/ass, then skinny with a great face is excellent.

    But that's actually a pretty good body, in spite of what people say.

    If she's pretty but fat, that's worse than a good body but not pretty.

    Basically 7 body 4 face is better than a 4 body 7 face.

    but a 10 face 7 body is better than a 10 body 7 face. Not that it's not pretty damn awesome :p

    • yeah i meant pretty slim i guess

    • so you choose body? I think so but your answer was pretty both-sided

    • Slim with a great face is really hot.

      Fat with a great face isn't.

      If your girl B is skinny, I'd choose her, if your girl B is fat, I'd pick A. I chose A. It's more important to me that her body meet certain standards, but those standards aren't that specific or high. Above those standards, face probably matters more.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Butterbody or butterface?

    I am mostly about the face. =)
    But if anyone says they're only about the one thing then they're lying. Except if they're guys who are players, then we all know they're more about the body than the face... xD

    • I actually haven't seen any connection between being a player and a body-face preference.

      Though in general guys who get laid more tend to have higher 'body' requirements.

      I actually think most guys pick based on face from among those girls who meet their body standards.

    • Then it's the bod that's the basis of everything... so again we go back to what I said...

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What Guys Said 5

  • Obviously I'd like both but if I had to choose I'd choose a beautiful face

    • what made you choose that?

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    • true but would that ruin sex for you?

    • Not unless her body was very unattractive and I've never seen a beautiful girl with a body unattractive enough to ruin sex

  • If a girl has a beautiful face, her body maybe not hot but must be totally acceptable.

    • so her body should be acceptable? Or it's acceptable as long as she has a beautiful face?

    • I mean, if a girl's body size is terribly fat or skinny, she is impossible to have a beautiful face.

    • Or, if a girl's face is beautiful, her body size is impossible to be too far from fit.

  • I would have to get to know girl first before I make final decision - Its hard to say otherwise.

  • Hot bod. Paper bags were created for this reason.

  • Face>Body.

    • what makes you choose that over body?

    • Because I will look at her face all the time. And when I look at her, seeing a beautiful face is important. I can tolerate her body.

What Girls Said 1

  • I want both! :<

    • I have both :p

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    • I meant my boyfriend haha my vanity isn't that bad lol but thank you :)

    • Ohhh i see xD but props at least for seeming very confident

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