Guys, "if you want it go and get it" gentlemen give me some good advice?

so i fucked up the relationship because i got blacked out drunk and were trying to make it happen as his motto is "if you want it go get it" rather than "if you love it let it go ,it will be" its been a month since we kinda stepped back but I've been trying like i dont talk to or see anyone else we still hang out and we officially have a date this weekend ,and when girls text and bug him he tells me so that i won't get upset and we won't have an argument yet he still thinks i get mad,but anyways he had said "you fucked up ,why should i be the one making the moves,you should be the one trying and if your not then cool im not even gonna stress about it " but how can i show him I've already changed the things that i thought were the problem i guess he wants me to chase him when there's this other girl doing the same shit ? i haven't seen him in 3 days which kinda feels odd and i feel like somethings off maybe its the fact that i feel like he's talking and meeting up with this other girl whos apparently all over his dick .i know he's trying to make me jealous as he finds it kinda cute ,but i dont think i can take it anymore.


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  • Pretty much just tell him what you told us.
    That you've changed what needed to be changed and that you don't want to play games

  • You sound like the type that would never change, you don't deserve a second chance. I had a look at your wild presumptions.

    This alone is a sign that you haven't changed. But who am I to say- maybe before you were worse.

    I chose to be Anonymous because I know you're the type of girl that sticks to people.

    Don't feel depressed after this opinion. If you move on to another guy he'll probably be jealous, but what I advise you to do is tell him to that you are moving on. Humans are so complected...

    • what makes you think I won't change?

    • I'm not the type of person who tells people things they want to hear.
      But bringing bad news is apart of what I do...

      When you say that another girl's all over him, you make it sounds as though he's your property and only you can neglect him. You'll probably let him down again, so he's looking for something to put that all behind him.

      And you're trying to hold him back. However, if he does get back with you, the same thing will probably happen again.

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