Was she flirting? Intrested? Any explain? If yes how to reach her? Or I'm just imagining?

I went to the hospital to do some blood work I cut my hair today and I shaved so I looked at my best anyway when I reach there the reception which is the girl I'm talking about was counting money she didn't feel I'm there I said hi but she scared I have deep voice and she was focusing on the counting after I said hi she get nervous but she loughed I loughed too then I said sorry she said no pro we both loughed. So I asked her is the doc here she said wait for while when she left her money was on the table in front of me when she back I said you forgot big money here you should be careful next time:) she said your trust then she smile!! I smile lso. Is she intrested or waiting me to take first step ? Or I'm just over thinking?! And if she's intrested what should I do now ask her out directly?or what? Help

excuse my English .


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  • You're probably just over thinking. People like to be polite. But if you're interested, you should make the move.

    • If she's not interested 90% she will reject me I dont like rejection I will feel angry and upset. Hmm sounds like I should forget about her.

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