If a guy stops replying to texts is it ok to call after a little bit of time?

So this guy and I started texting a month ago and met up things were amazing a week after we met up he stopped talking to me but still looks at all my snapchat stories. It's been over a week and he hasn't replied to any of my messages would it be crazy of me to call him? At this point I just want to know what's going on because we stopped talking on good terms he messaged me telling me about his day and when I replied he never texted back, so it's not like there was a fight or anything
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  • Just call him its probably something stupid or simple men are no were as complicated as we seem.

    • Thanks! I just don't get it things were going so well and then out of no where he just stopped even when I did ask him if he wanted me to just delete his number

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    • @Jessiedean95 what the fuck is your problem?

    • Priscilla= a liar

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What Guys Said 1

  • He may have lost interest and is just too cowardly to tell you se he's ignoring you - I've had girls do that to me - or perhaps he hasn't. You might as well call to resolve this and determine if he has lost interest, that way you can get it over with instead of wondering about it.

    • I've texted him asking him if he just wants me to stop texting him and he didn't reply to me

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    • I asked him like five days ago

    • He's probably lost interest then I guess, still call if you want, that way you'll no for sure and can move on.

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  • OMG don't even Bother, just ignore him, and delete his number! He is just not interested. Honestly someone that likes you is not going to stop talking to you, they will find a way to grab your attention, or to see you.


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