Should I just date her?

i have a thing going with a great friend and she is great but were not exactly dating but its difficult to tell people whats up between us. im faithful and dont want anyone else but im scared because of us both being the same gender. we text all the time we cuddle hold hands and even gets jealous when the other one gets attention from someone else im just wondering what should i do.
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  • At that age there is no point to take anything 'super serious'. Just do what feels right, what feels comfortable, natural, and the speed you are comfortable with. If you want to date her, date her. If you want to just be cuddlebuddies, be cuddlebuddies. No need to define anything.

    The most important thing to do, and this will apply no matter what age you are, is be open and honest with her. Talk to her about your feelings, and listen to her talk to you about hers. Find something that will work for both of you, that you both will be happy with and comfortable with. Maybe it will be dating. Maybe it will not be dating, but you will both promise not to date other people for the time being either. You can be 'exclusive', but not completely a dating couple. There are lots of ways you can define your relationship, and some will work better for one of you, some better for the other, and some perfect for both.

    Don't worry about labels. Worry about being happy, and helping someone you like be happy as well.


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  • Ewwwwww. God created man and woman. not man and man nor female and female.

    • thanks but i dont care for a homophobic opinion thank you

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    • @eagleriverjohn
      Why can't I spread the Gospel?

    • I'm not saying you can't spread the gospel, but if it comes off as hateful it accomplishes the opposite effect. Sin is sin. I can see that we will not agree exactly, so I bid you a good day. I will not respond again, because this is not the place to debate this. Have a good day

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