What does he want from me?

I've been "seeing" this guy for about a month now. He was attracted to me and had no problem telling me that. It's gone from sexual convos, to more natural normal convos and we text daily (morning, noon and night), and made out hot n heavy one time, but didn't engage in actual sex (sex was the plan).

There's this:
-We're both VERY present on eatchother's FB (likes, comments, pokes) and he doesn't mind if I tag him in something...doesn't mind (and likes) when I comment on his statuses, even when it's about how hot he is
- in the 3 weeks this had been going on we've talked EVERY day (texts, FB) and it's gone from strictly flirting/sex/dirty talk to asking about each other's day, small convos throughout the day, personal stuff here and there, good mornings, etc, but DAILY...
- he seems jealous (makes passing comments about other men, or if my phone goes off when he's around, and has also asked how many men I'm talking to and if I have any other interests)
- he gets bothered when I don't text him all day, or much during the day
- I went to his band's show, on a weekend, on his turf (neighboring city), around his friends and he didn't mind...hugged me a ton (big long tight hugs), kissed my head, cheek, and finally square on the lips right in front of his friends (surprised me.), but there was not mention of us hooking up
- didn't seem bothered when I became quick friends with a couple of the girls in his group
- he calls me baby, babes, sweetie a lot

But there's also this:
- he said in the beginning "I'm not looking for a relationship currently...possible in the future" and he's "looking for fun with someone I'm compatible with"
- there has been mention of this being "just sex" or "fun" (from him)
- he tells me to relax and to not over think this
- we've seen each other twice (not counting when he first met me in person)
- sometimes he'll disappear from convos

How is this only sex when we're not having it? What does he want from me?


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