He has a girlfriend what's his motive or does he not have one?

This guy I kinda work with calls me EVERYDAY never fails. I use to like him a lot but all that is fading since I really don't see it going anywhere because he has a girlfriend (had one before we met). But he calls me all the time with excuses about work and just to call and say hi. What are his motives? Does he have any? I'm losing interest because I know there's no point since he's taken, but he still seems determine to talk least once a day.


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  • you should ask him. I would. it may be innocent, maybe not.

    • He's just always playfully teasing me through phone and jus always teasing I guess. Rarely are the conversations serious and even if we tried it'll just turn out goofy again. He just calls me everyday and I don't know how to talk to him since I've moved on some.

    • It does sound flirty. I would bring it up to him somehow. I wouldn't like a guy who I knew had a girlfriend to be calling me and teasing me/being playful every day. Ask him why he calls. Kind of slide it into the conversation somehow, or be upfront.

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