Girls, help a guy out advice on asking out coworker?

I work with an extremely attractive woman and need advice on if she's being flirty, and if I should seize the opportunity to ask her out, without making things awkward. We both work together in the same building me for one dept and her for the other. We met a few weeks ago and talked for about an hr and we both enjoyed each other convo. After that we were in a meeting together a few days later with another co worker of hers. The woman that I like and myself were on one side of the desk, and the other coworker on the other other side. During the meeting the woman I like was asked to show the other coworker something on her computer. Instead of walking around the desk she walked over in front of me and bent over the desk in front of me with her butt only a few feet from my face. Yesterday I was coming from another meeting and as I walked past her office she initiated contact with me. We talked for several minutes and while doing so she was constantly flipping her hair with her hands and smiling. When the convowas ending she said I hope I can see you again sometime. I replied I'm pretty sure you will. She was also talking in a different tone during the convoy kind of like sweet talk. I really do like her but I don't want to misinterpret her signals. Is she waiting for me to ask her to do something outside of work? How do I ask with out making it awkward being how we work together.


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  • ask her out for lunch sometime or if she wants to grab a coffee, start simple, take the convo outside of your work place, take her to get a cup of coffee, make sure you are both free, and just get to know her, talk to her about other things that aren't work related, then you will really get to know her. from here if that goes well, invite her out to dinner or any other way you'd like to take her on a date. then from here you will not only be 100 % sure if she likes you or not, but you both can move on closer to a relationship if thats what you both want. :) it definitely seems like she has some interest in you , she might be testing the waters per say. so go ahead and ask her out, just start simple and fun and move forward to formal / romantic :)


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