How much do you share about your day with your significant other?

My partner of 6 months used to tell me all about his day and evening, especially on workdays. Now he only tells me what he's up to if we have plans together, and it's still vague. Like yesterday he told me he had a training after work and could meet me for dinner afterward. The training apparently went until 9pm. I asked him how it went, he just said,"Good." He usually tells me more, they're usually relatively interesting. Today we spoke earlier around 6. Now it's Midnight and I have no idea what he's been doing all evening. When I ask him. He just says something vague like "Relaxing." He always texts me goodnight though he still doesn't volunteer as much as he used to, just asks me about my day, in a "Hope you had a relaxing evening" type of way. When he said good morning on the Sat or Sundays I didn't stay over, we used to chat a little bit. Now he says good morning and disapears, usually until bedtime. He said it's because usually he isn't doing anything and has nothing to talk about. I'm wondering if this sounds normal for a guy when he's comfortable in the relationship? We only talk via text. Otherwise I usually sleepover 2-3 nights a week.


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  • Oh brother.

    Expect "good" or "fine". That's routine. If anything earth shattering happens he'll tell you.

    If he says nothing more than "good" or "fine", it means "SSDD".


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  • My fiance and I tell each other EVERYTHING. It has been that way from the very beginning.


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