Girls, do you normally call guys to hang out you like only as friends?

I have a female friend who would call me for lunch or dinner and i would go after that she usually says "if you have nothing else to do hang out with me" this varries from just hanging out at her place watching a movie or tv til like 4am(i leave because its late but she always says i dont have to go) or going out having fun on a little adventure. If i asked her to lunch she would shoot me down then call me and ask me if i want to go to dinner usually same day if not the next night.
i was going to hang out with her again and sudden she says her parents will be there to and we can leave together... didn't know her parents were going to be there. Normally you ask a guy to meet your parents right?


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  • Do you always pay? I know some girls use guys when they are bored or broke.

    • Nope, she call me sneaky if I paid when she run to the bathroom, but she pay for the next meal

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  • She probably has some sort of feelings for you but definitely enjoys having you around. I had a guy friend who I'd always ask to come spend time with me at the most random times cos my days were busy due to work. I admit I did have feelings for him but I ultimately just wanted to hang out because I loved our friendship and how things just flowed so well

  • She likes spending time with you, she may have sought feelings but I wish I had a guy friend I could do these things with. She just likes having you around


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