I'm supposed to meet my ex for coffee today but I'm still angry at him for being a jerk. How should I behave? Or should I even go?

My ex didn't commit to me and said some horrible things to me while ending it. How its never going to happen between us or he'd never marry me and things like that. So we stopped talking even though he said he wanted to remain friends. He made an effort to see me once but i didn't really give him the time of day. After that i would stop talking to him and start again because its been sodifficult for me. He hasn't made much of an effort. When i don't want to talk he just says i hope u change ur mind but he doesn't really try to make an effort. When i talk, he is eager to be friends again. I messaged him because i moved back to uni and since i was restless about maybe seeing him around,i decided to message him and face my demons. So i meet him today but i am still so angry and i want to be friendly and have a quick coffee but i also know he dosn't deserve it. I am actually tempted to say "since you haven't really made an effort in the past months, i think i'll pass" but at the same time i am so tempted to see him. But he was such an asshole to me, for a year he told me he loved me, did everything for me, and took care of me but when things got real he took a 360 degree turn. Any help?


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  • I totally get it, I think you want to prove to him that you can be friendly and be on good terms with him. He'll see you're not hurt, and wonder how that could be. I don't know if that makes sense.

    • You're spot on, do you think I should go and be strong? Just meet once quickly? 15 min coffee and leave? Or should i just not go?

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    • I actually did end up meeting him, after accidentally bumping into him actually. And i got closure, i also realised how strrong i am. I feel very good

    • That's pretty sweet. You got your closure. And now when you see him again you'll just small talk, and carry on with your day.

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  • Trying to be friends with him seems like more trouble and heartache than it's worth. I'd just go no-contact if it were me.

  • Don't go, say you thought you should as protocol but later on thought it wasn't really necessary. Anything you say during that meeting would probably be too high emotion still and you may regret not keeping your cool.

  • If your still mad why even meet up with him?

    • I actually got closure and fe better than I have ever since the break
      Up. I was also clear that I did not want a friendship

    • Then it was a good thing if you got closure.

    • Yes! Im surprised, according to the rule book i shouldn't have. But i guess i am
      Learning to follow my gut a little more (something i don't do much)

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