How does one go about Asking a girl out on a date without making an complete jackass of himself?


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  • First up, do not fret. It's like thinking up an excuse for the teacher to explain why you're late, they can tell when it's rehearsed and therefore untrue. (Not saying you're being untrue in asking her out)

    Be yourself. Don't analyse every little word in your head before you say it, that is where a lot of people go wrong. Don't go for a cheesy pick up line, you could tell her how you feel about her, maybe make a cute little gesture you think she might like. Flowers or chocolate or something less corny, like if you've spoken before and she's mentioned a like at some point, take advantage of that information.

    But be yourself. Don't try to make yourself look like more than you are, you want her to date you for you, not something you've made yourself out to be but aren't.

    Good luck, and I hope all goes well ^-^


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  • Do it the way YOU feel comfortable. Don't take a guys advice if it requires you to put on an act, girls can sense a phony, be you.

    Also, don't worry about looking like an ass. When you put too much thought into it like that, you psych yourself out.


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  • Depends on the setting. Primarily just approach her and make small talk. The small talk is just to create a friendly environment. Then ask what she's doing on the selected date and ask her if she wants to go out. Hopefully you already know if she has an interest in you or not.

    Also for the love of Pete don't mask the date as a "lets hang out this Saturday". Many guys my age do this to save face in case the "secret date" doesn't work out. This will backfire and send you to the friend zone automatically.


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