Is it possible to get in a relationship with sex partner?

I am a girl and i met him online.At the beginning Iwrote in a forum that i wanna know the feeling of kissing.(Coz my parents are strict and forbid me from getting in a relationship).
I dun have feeling on him though i think he is quite nice.We kisssed at the fitst met, as it was what i requested in the forum lol, and on that fay, he texted me and said he thought i am prettty and with good personality. We have kept meeting,since our 3rd met, we had sex, it was my first time.and until now we have had sex for around3-4 times as i have known him for 2months. Seems that our relationship is sort of "sex partner"..
I have told him that i guess i have a crush on him and he asked "does that mean u wanna be my girlfriend?" and i admitted, he said he needed some time to think about it, and later on, he replied" maybe we can restart our relationship as fds first, and we hang out to watch movies and dine", however we still have sex after this.

He talks a lot more when we are face-to-face, but he seldom replies enthusiastically..and in most of the time he texts me for the sex matter...

is it possible to be together if our relationship have started like this? What can i do to make him fall for me?I mean not just for sex...


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  • He see you only as "Friends with benefits" kinda girl.
    Isn't that obvious?

    If he really liked you back then he could have said that in the first place rather than telling you that he needs time to think about.

    • so do u think it is possible to change his mind?

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    • so it's that mean, once the relationship was started with sex, the boy is unlikely to change your position in his mind from "sort of friend with benefits" to "girlfriend"?
      i know clearly that he's not attached to me now, but i wanna have a try..
      i fall in love easily which is really frustrating...

    • Do what I've said in my opinion comment.
      @PinkAcid also said the same thing.

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  • he's not interested in a relationship, he only wants sex from you and you keep giving it to him

    • yea i know it but is there anything i can do to make him attached to me?
      i dun really know how to deal with guys...

    • no thats what im saying, he only wants sex and he's not going to change his mind especially when you're still giving it to him without him having to commit to a relationship first. he only said maybe we can go to dinner and movies sometimes to keep you interested in him so he can carry on sleeping with you without the commitment and the relationship.

      he doesn't have feelings for you or he wouldn't have had to think about it first when you told him you liked him, he wouldn't only talk about sexual things to you, he would be enthusiastic and speak to you more often.

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  • He is just using you for sex. You put out too quick.


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