I haven't heard from my bf in a day and a half and we usually talk every day. I don't want to be clingy so I haven't texted him?

I have recently started a relationship with a man that I have been talking to for a while. He is 35 and I am 26. He told me he feels like he has met his bestfriend and soulmate and he knows I feel the same. Today is Wednesday, and on Monday I wasn't feeling well and I was really tired and being a little snippy I suppose. he told me he was going to leave me alone for the night because he felt like he was offending me and didn't want to ruin what we have. And I asked if we could just be ok please and he said of course, that's all he wants and that he was going to go to bed early so things didn't escalate and I said fine goodnight and he said K and I haven't heard from him since....he was in a roll over accident almost a week ago and I know the medications he's been on have knocked him out several times but we've been texting a lot the last few days up until the last 2 days, and I know the call option on his phone isnot working because he dropped at work. I've tried calling him and it says the user can't receive phone calls. should I be worried, even though he said he cares about me a lot and doesn't want to ruin what we have? It really wasn't even a fight or argument in my opinion. I just have had the bad luck of having all my exes mostly breaking up with me by just never talking to me again, so while my heart isn't that worried my brain is saying I should be.
I did text him a few times, several hours apart. Letting him know I was sorry, I care about him, and my last text said that I hope we're ok and that I was going to give him some space.


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  • go ahead and send him a text, kinda check up on him if you're that worried. one time won't kill you. and he may really appreciate the gesture rather than you "trying to not be clingy"


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  • Um just wait another two days or a week and see what happens. If you must only one text asking if he's alright and that's it.


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  • Why girls dont move first


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