How to feel happy on the inside? Please help kindly?

Ok I to say it I ain't happy with myself.....

had a breakup it didn't end well me and my partner couldn't agree or accept a few things so I ended it and left left just as easly.

but my self esteem is shot down I don't know why I used to love cooking and enjoy my hobbies and as human nature I loved sex it was one of the things that made me feel happy and pretty as a girl...
but after leaving him I felt unattractive and not appealing for sex itself....i suddenly hate my body and feel my face isn't as normal nor pretty.

im sure he already has found someone else as its difficult for me cause I know I am average although people say im stunning......
I know what I'm feeling is very poor but we had arguments over other women and his likes for his types.. he says its just a like and a crush... well I feel crushed buy his likes and crushes.


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  • What is causing you to be unhappy?

    • The fact I left and he never bothered me to stay it felt he never liked me as much as I liked him.

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