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he said that he really wants to be with me but his main thing is on trust he could careless about sex or anything it's trust that he needs , and that I was so perfect but he can't trust me that he needs time and that I keep pressuring to put a label on us again that it's annoying him and then I said you know I want to give you space but I don't want you to think I'm not trying .. and then he said I don't want to see you with anyone else and I said that's how I feel about him. that even tho he loves his ex of 2 years he rather be with me but at the same time he doesn't know if he wants to be with her just cause he's comfortable with the idea .
  • do I give him enough space to be a good friend and not rush it again
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  • do I give him space and just drop it completely
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  • I'm not sure I understand the entire situation. He has an ex that he's not over? He's dating you for the first time? But doesn't really want to date you? He's not sure what he wants and he calls you annoying for wanting something normal?
    Yeah, either way, this guy has a heap of problems accompanying him. You need to back off. Completely. Let him do his own thing and you do yours. He has no right to ask you to stay faithful to you when he's not your boyfriend. He has no right to monopolise your feelings when he can't give you all of his. He has no right to tell you you're annoying because you're not. You're normal. He's the one with a problem and it's so severe that he can't give you what you want and deserve. Therefore, move on. He needs to be the bigger person and get his sh*t together before bothering you with it, but he's not. So you have to do it. Not for him, but for you. It's not fair, but right now his problems affect you.
    Move on and if you are truly meant to be, or if he truly cares, then you might find each other again in the (near) future. If not? You might have found a real diamond. Someone you deserve. Either way.. win win!

    • he moved on from his ex to me , but right when he made it official with a title and all I cheated on him. therefore he doesn't trust me , but I was blacked out drunk and I don't even continue to talk nor have I talked to the guy beforehand. I dropped that guy like no tomorrow and not only do I regret it I didn't continue that drunk kiss and I told him the entire story. he just doesn't know because it's still too soon and I'm pushing him , I on't know how to act he knows I've changed he can see it but he's just not ready to risk jumping in so soon when he doesn't feel like he can completely trust me again

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    • Just tell him you'll wait for him when he's ready and don't contact him anymore. Then when he's ready, he'll approach you.

    • and he said that right after the incident he made a move to make me happy because I looked seemed all depressed that he pushed his emotions out to make me smile but I'm being selfish cause apparently I think he's dating/seeing other girls

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