Girls, does getting what you want from the man determine if he has a good personality or not to you? his controllability?

or is there something else? i just read that a women wants to control a man to use his resources.


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  • Maybe for some women, but I'd dare to say not most.

    Personally, I would be totally turned off by a man who acted like a doormat. I have no desire to control my boyfriend. I want him to treat me with respect, do fun things with me, etc because he WANTS to, not because I "make" him do things. If I want to do something he's not into, then I'll grab a friend, not make him do it. If I want to buy something, I'll go buy it, not try to make him buy it for me. It's called being a goddamned adult.


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  • by what you want, do you mean materialistic types of things or getting the affection or attention and being treated the way you want by a guy determine if he has a good personality?

    I personally don't care about things and don't want gifts. I just want to be treated well.

    • doesn't have to be materialistic since not all ggirls can pull it off nor does it suit everyone but women do get contorlling in serious relationships and marriage. treated well can mean anything...

    • treated well as in shown repect and affection. I don't become controlling, but I've noticed it goes both ways. it's just that what is being controlled in the relationship by the guy is different from what the female controls.

    • both control each other in most relationships.

      only in a few does one control the other more.

  • Tbh, I can't respect men who are not confident enough to be themselves when around me.

    Also, controlling ANYONE isn't ever my style.

    Serial dater right here :)

    • i also read serial daters do not grow up lol since they depend on the guy for their issues. lol without prejudice i say this hahah

      anyway. i get you want a man with a backbone but are you well yourself and independent? id think a women who doesn't have her life down would want to control the man more to make herself happy?

    • I am fully financially independent but haven't grown up and never want to :)
      Men are sex and fun to me... the end!!!
      I handle my own issues via creative and physical outlets/interests.

  • Yes if he touches me and respects me and is kind to me ( what I want) increases my estimation of him.

    I don't date resources... I date the guy. Through in my personal experienced the guy happened to be hiding a lot of family resources. I didn't find out till well into dating him and tbh that actually temporarily lessened my view of him.

    • touch? can you elaborate?

      also, how did it lesson your views on him? most girls want a guy with a lot of money for the lifestyle and security for their offsprings.

      i mean, money does make a huge difference in what kindve life you can have

    • I don't date money. I have never thought if money when thinking of my feelings for a guy. What your talking about is just not how I thinking people. The reason when a guy has a lot if money is bc I tend to think if then as spoiled or shallow or relying on material too much. It's not a fair prejudice. As I said. It's just that prejudice. But the guy will change my pinion of him by his personality. I didn't know my bf had a lot if money until after I knew him... I probably would've held if against him which wouldn't be fair of course. But I grew up hard with very little and I don't expect to relate well to people who are used to it who need lots of money.

      As fir my life I'm living it now. I'm with my bf bc I love him not bc j want stuff in the future. That's a really depressing way to look at the works. I want to achieve things not find a guy to help me fill in a bucket list for life.

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