What to do on the first date/meet?

So I have been talking to a girl on facebook for awhile. I know her from a college class I had like a year ago. We didn't talk to much cuz we both had other things going on at the time. The other day I asked her if she had any days off from school and she told me Fridays. I have the next two Fridays off from work so I told her and I said maybe we should do something one Friday . She responded Yeah that would be so fun!

So we both love animals my orginal thought was to do something outside and bring our dogs like go on a walk or go to the dog park. I am looking at the weather and its suppose to be ok a chance for a rainshower and a high of 50 F and a low of 21 F. So i was wondering if you lovely people of GAG have any other suggestions for a possible back up plan? I was thinking maybe lunch. I am not really looking at this as a date but more of get to know her better. Or should I look at it as a date?


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  • Zoo? Bowling? Pool? Something physical so you're not separated by a table and can touch each other. Not inappropriately but flirtatiously. :P
    Treat it like a date but look at it like you're just getting to know her better. I guess it's kind of the same thing, but it takes the pressure of if you look at it differently. Treating like a date however, will make her feel special and if she already likes you she'll like you even more. Because you put in the effort. I hope I make sense. And yay for dog walks. :)

    • Yeah that makes sense. I am going to be myself no matter what. I get what your saying about the touching. :P We both love our dogs they are family to us so that's why I thought it would be great to do something with them :)

    • It's the perfect idea. Plus, you can always bring an umbrella and huddle under it when it rains. It's kind of romantic. :)

    • Ahh yes! :) Great idea

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  • I would say something casual would be best. Going to the dog park sounds like an awesome idea! If you both have dogs then I think that would be a really cute thing to do together. As for having a back up plan, you could maybe go for coffee or lunch. In both of those cases, it allows you an opportunity to get to know each other better which like you said, is the main idea :)

  • well nowadays getting to know someone in a date is kind of the same thing but for a backup for if the dog walkers doesn't work out well me personally I like the movies for the first date because the very first thing that I look to is a sense of humor because I like to laugh at all the time and I make jokes 24 6 of the time so I will watch a movie and see if the person laughed at the joke that I left it so that we know we have the samesense of humor

    • I look for a sense of humor as well. However, I hate movies for first dates you can't talk and get to know the person. I appreciate your opinion tho :) So on which day do you not joke? If you make joks 24/6? :p

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    • XD YEAH I figured

    • Haha :D

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  • Go to an aquarium then take her out to eat.

    • I would love to but we don't have an aquarium where I live :/ I live in a very boring city. There is a lot to do in the summer. We are kinda at a standstill now because we usually still have snow on the ground but this year we don't

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    • No jazz or blues places lol. Live music doesn't start till summer we have a square for that. I know pisses me off haha. Only bars with Karaoke

    • How about that do something wild haha

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