Does this mean my mom is controlling?

So brother, sister. Few of my cousins who live in wales have partners. I have been single few months. Its not big deal but sure i want a bf.

she's happy when my past relationships have failed. Even asking about the person months after it's over.

When i am finishing work she asks if i am.home yet. When.she is out she lets me know when she will return. Even when she was away with our family. She still messaged a lot.

Family in wales when they last came to our city a lady friend said get a job an nice fella cus your lovely. She said that to me.

When my mom went there for Easter that lady friend asked about me.i work now 40hrs full my mom told her this an she was pleased for me.

When the lady asked if i had a bf. My mom told me she said oh she don't need one. It made me think huh its not about needing one. I would like one. When i mention wanting baby after hugging my little niece. She says dont be silly you dont want one.

I actually can't wait to do everything i want in life.


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  • I don't think she's "controlling" as she is... not arrogant, but imposing.

    She's your mother and I think she thinks she knows what's best for you and what you want. She should understand that you're living your life for you and not for her.

    I think she just wants to BE in every aspect of your life, but unless if she has a direct hand in it constantly (like finding a way to break up all of your relationships), I don't think she's controlling.


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