What should I do? what should you do? please answer?

I'm 22 and i live at home. I don''t have my drivers license yet, but i really want to move out too. My younger sister moved out because she couldnt bare to live in a hostile house anymore. I hate this town and i feel like my life is not going anywhere, so i feel stuck. I want to move to a bigger city, i have some savings for a drivers license but im scared im going to have to use that money untill i find a job, if i move to that city. I feel really down at home and my mom doesn't want me to succeed in life so i feel this constant hostility, she curses, she gets angry, and my depressed sister of 28 years old also lives at home and i haven't talked to her in over a year..... should i just go?screw the license? or stick it out for 6 months....ill be turning 23 in 3 months....what should you do?


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  • Calm down it an't the end of the world!


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  • Do you not have a friend you can stay with till you get some money in the bank to get your own place?


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