Should I continue pursuing this girl after she said that she liked me?

Ok so I'm pretty new to dating and only 21. I've been seeing this girl for 2 months and we've went out several times, kissed ate out at restaurants, cuddled etc. She originally wanted a relationship, then she changed her mind. She then said she'd try with me again after we gpt into a huge argument.

Now after we chilled and cuddled at her house, she asked if i had feelings for her via text the nexr day. I said that i liked her. She told me that she was confused and that she does know what she feels, but that she does like hanging out with me and thinks I'm a great guy and that she struggles with this everyday

I got pussed that she changed her mind yet again and basically told her good luck and goodbye. She said we could still hang out but she doesn't want a relationship.

Should i just drop her?


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  • Drop her and move on. Make it clear you want a relationship and don't settle.

    • Would it be beta to continue hanging put with her when not in a relationship?

    • If it's a relationship you want then yes.

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