When to ask girl out by text?

Background information:
_Met this girl last week and made out with her
_Have been texting a few messages per day regularly

I want to ask her out, dont want to seem to keen or for her to say no.

When is it right to ask someone out? Communication is mainly done through whatsapp


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  • A good time is when you feel like she likes you and it comes naturally into the conversation. Like you're talking about food and you say I know this great italian place that makes pizza, or whatever her favourite food is, have you been, we should go together. Or talk about movies, ask if she wants to go see one with you because you really want to see this new one that's out or whatever. But if you haven't talked to her much face to face yet, I suggest a movie so you can become familiar with eachother without having awkward silences.
    I would say no just because you're doing it by text tbh, but that's just me.


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  • Or you could ask her out in person, have a real conversation lol what a strange concept. Why are dudes afraid of girls. .

    • I do not see her in person often so that is not viable I'm afraid

    • Gotcha, wellat least call her then brother!

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  • I wouldn't mind getting asked out through text if that's the only way we communicate. If you don't see her, then I think it's fine. But you randomly made out with her already? Try not to make it sound like a booty call.

  • Are you sure you're ready to ask her out?
    It wouldn't be a serious relationship to me.
    From my perspective, I would rather be asked out in person or through a phone call.


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