Guys & Girls: what's the deal with this guy?

We were out one night with friends, and he was part of the group. It was more his group of friends than mine. So we were all talking, and we were getting flirty.

We played this picture game, then we were talking for a while and people were literally trying to pry us apart.

So as I'm walking outside, he comes next to me and tells me he really liked meeting me and that he "wants to take me out". I gave him my number and asked when, but he said he didn't know because he's busy. That seemed kind of fishy, even though his friends say he is busy and they haven't even seen him in months.

Then he calls me up one day later. When I asked him where he was, he said he was at his office (on a Sunday). He apologized for not giving me a date and said he realized that sounded wrong. I told him it takes a man to admit to that, and that he got point. We sort of just laughed it off.

I told him I was meeting up with a friend, and that I had to go soon. So when I told him I'd text him, he told me he doesn't have texting. Again, sounds kind of fishy. Why would someone have a phone and not have texting. It's one thing to not actively text, but to actively disable texting? wtf?

So I basically left it off as I'd either call him that night, which I didn't, or he'd call me some other time.

Guys? Girls? Opinions? Thoughts?


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  • Yeah don't bother, doesn't sound like he wants to commit.

  • He sounds like either a flake or someone who doesn't want his girlfriend to see texts from another woman!

    Either way, my advice is not to waste time on someone who can't schedule a dinner date.

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