Girls, what do I do if I don't feel like I'm good enough?

I know I'm a great guy and would make the best boyfriend.but when I like someone I feel like I'm not good like they deserve someone better. Ladies how doe you feel about this? Would you think the guy truly cares about you and thinks highly of you? Or would you just think he's pathetic? Whenever I like someone this goes through my head and makes me think the girl would think I was pathetic. Does me thinking she deserves the perfect guy (someone better than me)make me a good choice for her or does it make me a bad choice for her?


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  • In my opinion, I feel the same way when I like a guy. Its stupid, because I get second thoughts that im not smart enough, or I will say something stupid and will mess everything up. But I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that if I'm stuck in this bubble of insecurity, and never ever make a move, then how will you know if things ever turn out right? And life's too short to be an observer. If your rejected, at least you can say that you can move on instead of hanging over the same question for longer. For me, if you show that you really really care and you see me in a light that I would of never thought of myself in, I would be head over heels! Most guys think that coming across as 'emotional' is weak or pathetic, but I think its really attractive, and so do a lot of girls. I would say you have a good chance and yeah, low self esteem sucks but why should this stop you from trying?


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  • When you think you're a great guy, it's a turn off. WE need to feel it, not be told.
    Just ask the girl out, and she will sense if you're boyfriend material. It comes from experience, not 'knowing you're the best boyfriend.'

    • What i mean is I feel like I'd treat her good. I just want someone that me and mutually care for each other and try to make each other happy. I feel like if I ask her out in blocking her from a better option. I don't know how to get past this. 😥

    • It's not gonna come overnight, thinking you're a better option than other guys. BUT, you need to know that it's a mutual relationship. Not one-sided. If you feel she's to good for you, who knows? Maybe she feels the same way about you. Just give it a shot, and you can sense if the relationship is working or not. Don't give her to much leverage and let her act superior to you. All people were created EQUAL. So be equal. You just gotta believe it to move on. No ONE GIRL is better than another. No ONE GIRL is better than any guy.

    • Very true thanks

  • You're giving some of these women too much credit. When I date a man he has to be confident. If you don't feel like your enough what would change that? What would have to happen so that you won't feel insecure?


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